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Guys and Gals,

I hope you had an awesome weekend as we definitely did. The kids are on summer break and our first outing will be spent in Big Sur for the next few days, so be on the lookout for some of our shots on Instagram! They're so excited to go "real camping" and get away for a bit. I haven't taken them camping as much as I'd like to so they're excited to use their Swiss Army knives, lanterns and other camping gear to good use while I'm just hoping I can show them how to light a campfire without burning my eyebrows!!

Speaking of facial hair, I wanted to share with you an awesome shave kit I've tried and loved recently. I know beards are what the hipsters are doing, but my Japanese blood doesn't allow me to grow a nice, full beard. So I like to have a clean shave every 3 days (or whenever it's patchy self decides to show itself). For years, I've shaved with the store-bought razors and spent a ton of brain cells trying to remember which razor I had at home in order to get the right blades at the last minute. I've also tried different online delivery services that were awesome at what they did, but I could never get as close a shave as I liked. 

I then decided to try out Harry's to see what the hype was about and after that first shave, I was hooked. I'm not going to get technical, but the blades are as close to a straight edge razor as you can get while managing stay in a reasonable price range. Plus you can set up a regular delivery option so you can auto-refill your shave cream and blades automagically (yes, I said it) on your shaving terms. I don't have to shave as often as some, so my blades and cream is shipped every 6 months.

Boom, just like that! No more trying to remember which blades I need when I'm down to my last one and spending a crazy amount of money to take a few follicles off my face. To make it even better, my initials were engraved in my razor handle for free in case Jarron decides to steal it ;)

It's not often guys like to be pampered (as most likely, they won't ask for it). So treat your dad, grandpa, husband, fiance, boyfriend, brother, uncle, groom, groomsmen or yourself to an awesome shave and they will definitely appreciate it.  

Have an awesome week and I'll catch you later!