Stylized Bridal Shoot | Hotel Maya: Long Beach, CA

"God gives us dreams a size too big so that we can grow in them" - Unknown ...This quote helps me to remember to keep the dream alive and to buy the correct shoe size. My feet are definitely not growing these days, but as I follow my passion and desire my dreams are starting to come to life.

This past Sunday, Gina and I attended a workshop put on by Jeremy Chou & Shannon Lee . We met at the Hotel Maya in Long Beach, CA and I was super duper excited for what lay in store for us. After chattin' it up with the rest of the attendees over some awesome brunch I was ready to get my learn on.

It was so awesome to be in the same room with other budding photographers listening, discussing and talking shop. What is even more awesomer (Chris' dictionary- Awesomer (adj): more awesome than awesome can ever be, with a side of awesome sauce) is that everyone had a camera, we were shooting the same models and details, but we all had our own styles. It didn't hurt that Libby & Chris are pretty easy on the eyes either!! This is what I love about opening up the creative side of the mind and letting that energy express itself.

There were also vendors strutting their extreme amazingness. Miss Tashina makes beautiful, custom gowns (personalized stitching included). Not only did she make the beautiful zebra print gown Libby wore, but she also brought the stylized pieces for Chris to wear. Big ups to you Tashina! Evelyn from Serene Bridal Beauty put the finishing touches on Libby's hair and makeup. Last but not least, I'm a sucker for sweets and the award-winning Cake Goodness provided the cakes and tasty desserts.

Below is a list of all of the vendors:

Workshop Instructors: Jeremy Chou Photoworks & Shannon Lee Images Stylist: Miss Tashina Hair & Makeup: Serene Bridal Beauty Cake & Sweets: Cake Goodness  Venue: Hotel Maya Jewelry: Jewelry by Jenny Dayco Flowers: Karen Guenther of Flower Child Floral Designs Models: Chris & Libby Cron