Simplicity Can Be Fulfilling

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Do you ever feel overwhelmed by everything going on around you? Are you worried what people will think about you if you make the wrong move?

It's so easy to get inundated by daily life, Facebook posts, or which direction to go.

We can easily get caught up in trying to have everything perfect and have "the need" to make sure we look good so we don't get "judged" by others. 

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But if you think about it, most people want to make sure they are looking good in everyone else's eyes and are not worried about you as much as you are.

This post is for those of you who are trying to figure it out; whatever it is. Wedding planning, meeting your next deadline, figuring out what dinner plans will be...

Keep it simple and do what feels right to you. Be true to your beliefs and what is important to you. Don't allow yourself to get caught up in the frenetic energy that can easily surround you. Take a moment to get grounded; and don't be afraid to be proud of your decision. 

Here's a little formula I teach Jade and Jarron when they get caught up. Close your eyes. Breathe. Focus on what's important. Live. Be Happy.

I don't have all of the answers. But hopefully these tips can allow your life to be fulfilled with what's important to you. These are the tips that have helped me get past self-doubt and press the gas on the path and ideals that I believe in. Hopefully these can help you and give you the push to reach your goals, even if it's just trying to figure out where to go for lunch!

If you have the courage, in the comments below, please share your tips on simplifying your life to help you move in the direction you're trying to go.

Much love, 

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