Pasadena CA Wedding & Reception Venue | Storrier-Stearns Japanese Garden


A few weeks ago we had the honor of shooting an event for ABC-GLA which was held at the beautiful and serene Storrier Stearns - Japanese Gardens in Pasadena. 

The garden is nestled in the quiet neighborhood of South Pasadena, and has recently been reopened after its restoration by the famed Takeo Uesugi, professor emeritus of landscape design at Cal-Poly Pomona and one of the leading experts on Japanese garden design which included rebuilding the teahouse. 

The gardens are now available for events such as wedding ceremony locations and receptions. 

You can contact Deanie at the garden as she would love to give you more info on holding your wedding here. You can email her at:

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During the event we were able to listen to the beautiful taiko drums played by Kogenkai, Nanka Fukuoka Kenjinkai Taiko Club based in West Los Angeles. Food was provided by Huntington Caterers and the most awesome sweets were made by Top Chef Desserts Finalist Danielle Keene from Bittersweet Treats! Check out the images below.

That last image must've snuck in there, Gina caught me resting on the job!! haha! 

Also, be on the lookout for a future blog post featuring Danielle Kene and her shop Bittersweet Treats. 

It just might pop up on our family site: Check it out to keep up with our families if you haven't already! 

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