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Los Angeles Arts District Engagement Session | Danielle and Michael

Los Angeles Skyline + Love + 6th Street Bridge + Excitement + Metro Train + Anxiety = One Awesome Engagement Session!

Danielle and Michael chose to have their engagement session in Downtown Los Angeles and it was flawless. We encourage couples to choose their engagement session location in places they enjoy. Places they are comfortable with. Places that define them. 

They asked to rock their session out in the Arts District in Los Angeles and we took them to one of the iconic spots to make sure we could capture as many elements of Los Angeles in their images. They told me they had never taken professional images and were pretty anxious. As the day went on, I realized they lied to me. They were not anxious at all!

If I can be biased at all, they were so comfortable and knocked their engagement out of the park!! Besides the 6th Street Bridge, we found some nooks and crannies to use throughout the Arts District and we couldn't have been more excited for them!

They're getting married in a few weeks, so if this was their engagement session, I can only wait for their wedding!

Congratulations to you guys and we can't wait to rock out your wedding!


In case you didn't know, this building serves as the backdrop for scenes for "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia". 

For some reason, we absolutely love photographing with this building as a backdrop. We love the texture and different layers that this provides for our images. Apparently, so do Danielle and Michael! :)

Downtown Los Angeles Engagement Session | Marina and Jervae

Marina and Jervae had so much fun in Downtown Los Angeles for their engagement session. They were so comfortable and relaxed in front of the camera they were up for a few things Gina and I suggested as we went about the day. 

We started off near MOCA in Los Angeles, had some fun near the water installations then made our way towards the historic Bradbury Building. Although we had limited availability to the building, Marina and Jervae really worked their modeling skills!

Jervae wanted to work in his speedbike into the session and we couldn't be happier to make sure it happened. Marina hopped on the back and the chemistry between them definitely shined through. 

We had a very unique spot in Los Angeles to view the Downtown Skyline from afar and because we love the big city, we had to make sure we included them against it. 

If their engagement session is a precursor to their wedding, we know it's going to be a beautiful day to look forward to. 

We're so excited for them and we can't wait for their wedding at Malibu West Beach Club later this year. 

Make sure to leave them some love in the comments below, and if you know of anyone who is engaged, feel free to share our new phone app with them: Chris Holt Photography App



St Alphonsus Wedding Photography | Connie and Nick

Happy Bride and Groom Photo at Almansor Court

Surprisingly, one day last year, I received a text asking if we would photograph her wedding. I told Gina and I was like, "Of all the people she knows, she asked us to shoot her wedding!" I was humbled, intimidated and yet honored she thought of us to be a part of it. 

This couple has a special place in our hearts as we've known Connie's family for a few decades now. Nick and Connie met locally at Whittier College (you can see their engagement session here: Nick and Connie at Whittier College) however, Nick is currently on active duty in the Army which means he can be deployed anywhere in the world he's needed. He recently returned from a tour in the Middle East which had Connie impatiently counting the days to his safe return. We couldn't be happier to see these two to finally tie the knot after all of their time on separate ends of the world.

One of the other things that makes this wedding special for us is the fact that Connie's dad, Mr. Romero, and her brother have had their own wedding photography business for many, many years. In fact, before Gina and I started our wedding photography business, they allowed us to follow them around and learn how to shoot a full wedding. Many things we do today in our wedding workflow is owed to Mr. Romero as his process is automatic. Thanks for being so awesomely, kind to us!

We had so much fun at this local wedding. The ceremony was held at St. Alphonsus with the reception held at Almansor Court. You can totally see the love between Connie and Nick and their family. The father daughter dance was so moving; I normally don't cry at weddings, but I had to use the camera to hide the watery substance from my eyes this time! Haha!

We hope you enjoy these images as much as we did shooting it! Be sure to give Connie and Nick some love in the comments.

Much love and Congrats again guys!

wedding photo of bride in rolls royce
Mr. Romero gives Connie a kiss before the processional

Mr. Romero gives Connie a kiss before the processional

Mr. Romero and Connie getting ready to go down the aisle

Mr. Romero and Connie getting ready to go down the aisle

Nick was so excited to see his Bride

Nick was so excited to see his Bride

Nick can't contain his emotions

Nick can't contain his emotions

St. Alphonsus Church in all of its glory

St. Alphonsus Church in all of its glory

Nick and Connie saying their prayers

Nick and Connie saying their prayers

Nick and Connie as Husband and Wife

Nick and Connie as Husband and Wife

Bride and Groom in front of their Rolls Royce

Los Angeles Wedding Photography | Araceli and Jose

los angeles wedding, love, chris holt photography, happy, mariachi, mexican wedding

What a blessing it was to be part of Araceli & Jose's wedding celebration.  We knew right from the moment we met for their engagement session how much love they had for one another and how important family was to both of them.

As in many cultures, weddings bring on many family traditions, and Araceli & Jose's wedding was filled with it.  Araceli's family welcomed their unity with 3 days of celebration, surprising the couple the day prior to their wedding day with festivities.  On the day of their wedding, Araceli & Jose married at St. Joseph's Catholic Church where they shared their love for one another with many friends, relatives and God.  They finished off day 3 with more celebrating and fun!

Needless to say it was nothing short of amazing for the happy couple.    More tradition's and memories were made at their reception, which included an awesome first dance (you know it's going to be awesome when part of their first dance includes Pharrell's song: Happy), surprise vocal performance by our groom, traditional la vivora de la mar, performances by family members, full mariachi band, a live banda, and so much more.

Araceli & Jose thank you for allowing us be part of such a special moment in your lives.  We look forward to celebrating many more milestones with you and your family.   

Beverly Hills Courthouse Wedding Photography | Cristina & Howard

beverly hills courthouse, wedding, love, family, bride, groom, los angeles wedding photography, chris holt photography

A few weeks ago, we were asked to be a part of Cristina and Howard's intimate wedding at the Beverly Hills Courthouse. They've been together for about 8 years and it was so beautiful to see their family involved in their ceremony. It kind of reminded us of when we renewed our vows

We met at the courthouse and waited for family and friends to arrive. Although the ceremony was shorter than most, there was no denying how much love from their friends and family was evident in the room. 

After the ceremony a private lunch was held at Lawry's with a full dessert bar that was to die for! 

Congrats you guys and we hope you have a beautiful 2014!!