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Malibu West Beach Club Wedding | Marina and Jervae

We had the absolute honor and privilege to be a part of Marina and Jervae's beautiful beach wedding at Malibu West Beach Club. When we initially met, we knew their wedding was going to be fun and it definitely did not disappoint. Marina made for a beautiful bride and Jervae was definitely dapper in his three piece suit.

Their romantic session after their ceremony, was one for the books. Marina took ownership of her dress on the shore in the last few minutes of sunlight. If I could say so myself, Marina and Jervae were absolutely stunning and rocked it, like no other. 

If you missed their engagement session, check out their engagement session in Downtown Los Angeles earlier this year among the urban landscape. 

We couldn't be happier to see these two together after dating for so long. We hope you guys stay blessed and we wish the absolute best for you guys.

Enjoy these images and Congrats you two!


Three Tips For Choosing Men's Wedding Rings

Mens Wedding Ring and Fashion Tips

Mens Wedding Ring and Fashion Tips

Today's post is very subjective to your style and taste. I understand that men say they don't care what their ring looks like, however I beg to differ. Just like your bride is going to be browsing multiple styles, cuts and diamonds that she feels will represent her, you should care about the style of your ring as you will be adding a fine piece of jewelry that represents you.

First off, I want to say that I am not one to wear a lot of jewelry. I have to confess, at one point in my life I thought it was cool to wear a thick gold chain, accented by a thick gold bracelet and a diamond pinky ring however, I quickly learned that I can make a bold fashion statement with a minimalistic approach. Thank God for that!

Plus I learned I am allergic to nickel so anything I wear that may touch my skin (metal eyewear, watchbands, belt buckles, etc) needs to be of the highest quality or I will break out with uncomfortable irritations and who wants to deal with that?! 

Since, I often get a lot of questions and compliments on my ring I figured I'd give you some of the reasons I chose mine. Even if you haven't given it a lot of thought, hopefully these three tips to help you choose yours: 

  1. Hypo-Allergenic
  2. Discreet Style
  3. Fashion Statement


As I explained earlier, I needed a hypo-allergenic metal so I can wear it without causing a skin irritation. As my ring is made from tungsten carbide, the main skin irritant (nickel) properties are absent. Although, it's not a fashion forward way to think, this was one important thing

Discreet Style

Style is something I wanted as well as I was going to wear this everyday.Since I don't wear much jewelry other than a simple watch and my wedding ring, my ring stands out on it's own. As much as I use my hands while working around the house or under the hood, my ring is it's scratch-resistant. Which is pretty cool because I can look back at it anytime and it will be as clean as it was when Gina first gave it to me. 

Tungsten Carbide Wedding Ring, John Varvatos

Tungsten Carbide Wedding Ring, John Varvatos

Fashion Statement

Statements are made in a bold way. My ring makes it's own statement as it's weight, size and color stands out the most. I never wanted anyone to ask me if I was married because they couldn't see my ring or what have you.  I always felt my ring should be a nice size to show that I am married to the love of my life.

Hopefully these tips will help you choose your ring as you get ready for your wedding.

Talk soon,