California Country Club Wedding | Beverly and Sergio

Beverly and Sergio are pretty special to us as they love to enjoy every moment and take things in stride. For example, on their engagement session we ventured all over Downtown LA and they were absolute troopers to venture into some of the most unique areas in the city. Soon after they saw their engagement images, Beverly told us that the engagement session actually made them feel closer than ever! We weren't sure how to take that, but it made us feel good that not only did we have fun on their engagement session, but we had a significant impact on their relationship up to that point. 

On their wedding day, they were super excited and so comfortable with each other in front of our cameras. Their intimacy and emotions were so natural it made for a wonderful day. 

Although it rained a bit during their ceremony, California Country Club lent itself to a beautiful backdrop for their ceremony as well as romantics around the private and exclusive country club. We felt like we had the whole course to ourself and Beverly and Sergio absolutely rocked out their wedding from beginning to end. 

We can't thank them enough for giving us the honor and privilege of photographing their wedding. We hope you enjoy these highlights and please make sure to give them love in the comments!

While Beverly was getting ready at her venue, Sergio was getting ready with his dad at his nearby home.

Beverly and Sergio opted for a first look before their ceremony to spend a few intimate minutes together in the courtyard. 

Beverly and Sergio hired Plaza String Quartet to play during their ceremony. It was such a beautiful touch to begin their day. If you're looking to add live music to your ceremony, I highly recommend them!

After the ceremony, we headed out around the property for romantics and although you can't see their faces, I took this quick candid of Beverly and Sergio in the rain with her veil flowing and her parasol up. I don't know why, but it's one of my favorites from their wedding.

First dances are pretty special to us as part of the reception as it allows for some intimate and wonderful images between our couples while everyone is looking on. We also get to feature the ballroom and the details that our couples chose to have for their wedding.

We love highlighting our couple's relationships with their parents, in this case during the father-daughter and mother-son dances. The closeness our couples have with their mothers and fathers are super special and to be able to highlight this on their wedding day is absolutely priceless.

The live music Beverly and Sergio had throughout there wedding day was remarkable and definitely added a vibrant feel. Each musician played their hearts out to everyone dancing on the dance floor. They literally rocked it out all night!

Wedding Resources

Wedding Venue: California Country Club

Wedding Officiant: Rev. Rosie

Live Music: Plaza String Quartet

Live Music: Chris Murray Combo

Photography: Chris Holt Photography



Whittier College Engagement Photography | Connie and Nick

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We were so excited when we found out that Connie and Nick were making a trip to Los Angeles to finalize their wedding plans for June, which also meant a little time together to catch up and see one another.  You see, although both Nick & Connie are from LA, they currently reside in Texas as Nick is currently on active duty for the United States Army.  It was only a few months ago that Nick had returned from his tour in Afganistan, needless to say we are thankful for Nick as well as the many other men and women who have served our country.  It was only coincidence that our time together fell on Memorial Day weekend, although such a perfect fit.  

We had such an amazing and fun time with these two on the beautiful campus of Whittier College.  More than just a great location, this was actually where these two lovebirds met.  If you have had the opportunity to meet Connie or Nick, you will vouch for us as we say they are absolutely perfect for one another.  Without either of them knowing, watching Connie melt in Nick's arms as he tenderly holds her close, and the smile on Nicks face as he takes a moment to glance in Connie's direction when they are apart was so beautiful to be a part of.

Connie & Nick, we are so grateful to not only call you friends but to be part of such amazing times in your lives, and are so excited to be celebrating your wedding day with you and your amazing family.  Thanks for making us feel like part of your family and we'll see you in a few weeks!