Wedding Albums are Modern Treasures

Wedding albums are the way I was able to see my grandmother and mother's wedding day. It was a way for me to see my aunts, uncles and cousins when they were "cool" and stylish. I remember laughing at my grandmother's style with her cat eye glasses, having a ball with my aunts and uncles. She was having the time of her life and so was everyone else! It made me wish I was there. And in a way I was, because this was my family. These were the people in my life celebrating a moment and although I couldn't hear the music or laugh with their jokes, I was able to relive those moments through their wedding album.

This is the reason why we photograph weddings the way we do. We capture your images to tell your wedding story in a way that will be put into a hand-crafted, leather bound book. We don't use cheap album companies where your album will fall apart in a few years. The albums we provide will last for generations to come.

The digital images are awesome to share with friends and family on facebook and social media. They allow you to relive your wedding soon after it happened. But they may not last forever. You may forget which computer you saved them to or where the link is to access your gallery. And this is why we believe albums are important. 

The album is definitely an investment. It's an investment that will realize it's value when your children see you laughing, celebrating and having the time of your life. Your wedding is an investment in your life and your wedding album is the treasure you have to show your family and friends how you celebrated. Take a look at our Album Info page and let us know when your wedding will be. 

We'd love to document your wedding and create a beautiful album for you and your loved ones!