Headshots by Chris Holt

My digital headshot session is designed to create new images for you to market yourself for whatever your need may be, by not only capturing your individual personality, but by giving your photos what I like to call "lookability."  

Lookability       [ look•a•bility]
n. Slang
1. A measurement for an image’s ability to secure attention from an onlooker. 

Whether you are in need of headshots to revamp your online profile by firing up your personal brand on your website, Linkedin, or any other social media platform we'll make a plan to create these types of images for you. Whenever someone steps in front of my camera I concentrate on using your own personal expression and attributes to creatively pull the very best of you into each frame. Throughout the entire process I am directing and coaching you towards what will become a number of captivating portraits tailored specifically for you.

So don't think twice about your skill set in front of a camera, I like people to come in as a clean slate and I'll give you all my tips for looking your best in front of a camera. 

I really like everyone to bring at least 4 to 8 different options for clothing. For headshots, you’ll really just need to concentrate on tops (unless you’d like some 3/4 shots).  Rule #1: You have to love it!  I don't want to shoot anything that you don't feel comfortable wearing.  If you don’t feel comfortable in it, you won’t shoot well while wearing it.

People always ask me what colors are best and I really don't have an answer for that. It's better for me to get a visual of something, so I suggest bringing a wide variety of colors. Don't be seasonal; everything from t-shirts, tank tops to sweaters and light jackets can work. I love textures and layers, but would generally stay away from crazy patterns.

If you don't bring it we can't shoot it, so if you find yourself questioning whether or not something will work just bring it along. I also suggest having some fun with this, if you feel your wardrobe is missing something then go shopping and we'll keep the tags on it and you can return the items you don't want to keep after the shoot! 

Session Rate

Headshot sessions are $500 for the shoot. There is a $200 deposit required to book a session, this is non-refundable and goes towards the $500 total. The session lasts up to 2 hours once you’re in front of my camera.  If you feel that you need more time you can add an hour more for $150, if you feel you may want to prolong your shoot then please schedule your session at the end of my day, so I have the free time for us to extend shooting time. 

I shoot on location about 90% of the time which lends itself to more of a cinematic style of headshot. If you prefer a studio session, we can definitely make that happen for an additional $100. 

Repeat Clients

Once you've shot with me the first time you become eligible to take advantage of my returning client discount.  Should you decide to work with me another time, you will never have to pay a high price for headshots again.  All returning clients can take advantage of this at a rate of 50% off of my headshot rate.


Services provided:

  • Up to 3 looks on location (formal, casual, bust, full body, environmental)
  • Up to 15 High Resolution Images
  • $25 for retouching beyond basic edits
  • $100 for up to 4 8x10 prints

Hopefully this answers your questions. If you have further questions prior to booking, please contact me

email: info@chris-holt.com

phone: 323.717,7473

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