We've put a few tips together for you as you plan for the biggest day of your life. These tips are slightly biased towards getting the best photos throughout your day. But they will make your day flow that much better and you'll have the images to show for it!


Getting Ready

It's important to decide when you want to begin getting ready. Giving yourself plenty of time to prepare yourself will help you get through your whole day. Some brides like to get ready with their bridesmaids. Some may want some quiet time. 

You know yourself best and will understand what you need to be happiest to start your day. 


Hair and Makeup

Be sure to ask your hair and makeup artists how much time they need, then add at least 30 minutes as a buffer. 


Church Ceremonies

Before you book your church venue, please make sure photography is allowed and if there are any restrictions. We can work in different situations, but it's important for your own peace of mind to understand expectations in advance.


Outdoor Ceremonies


The best time for an outdoor ceremony is 2-3 hours before sunset. This would ensure even, consistent light on the bride and groom. Consistent light reduces the harsh shadows across each other's faces and make for much better images during the ceremony.




When possible, try to allow your photographers to ride with you, This can provide for some unique, unexpected and intimate moments.


Creative Portraits


One of the most important parts of your day is to allow time for some creative portraits for just the two of you. Make sure to allow 30 minutes to an hour to relax, spend some time together. Please understand these images may require a bit of adventure, trust and patience to make these images work.


Family and Wedding Party Portraits


We recommend doing family portraits right after the ceremony and should include immediate family (parents, siblings, grandparents) and the wedding party. To make sure we include the rest of your family and friends be sure to let us know during the reception and we'll make it happen.


Indoor Receptions


Indoor receptions are very popular and we love them, but be sure there is enough lighting. We love uplights, candles and chandeliers. One word of advice, if you are going to have uplights we recommend staying away from shades of green.


Tent Receptions

We love tent receptions as the white interiors work best with our flashes. To add a warm feel, add lots of candles, paper lanterns, and chandeliers.




For open-air receptions, we recommend having as much extra lighting as possible, such as light strands and lanterns, especially for evening receptions. The extra lighting will help warm your photos and add more dimension to your evening. Otherwise you will have a completely black background.