Our Engagement Story

I had no idea what was in stake for the day. I had told Aaron a few weeks before that I wanted to see Victoria Gardens lit up in all the Christmas splendor and visit Mission Inn for the first time. I was intrigued to hear that there was a Santa’s Village.

When we arrived at Victoria Gardens to go shopping, I didn't suspect a thing. We began shopping for our loved ones just as planned. It started to get cold later on and surprisingly enough Aaron didn't hesitate to buy me gloves or anything to keep me warm and happy. That should've been my first clue. He is actually willing to go around each store without hesitation and complaining? Something must have been up! Of course I didn't question it; I was too busy making my own Christmas list. After our long shopping day, I was way too tired to go even further away from home and visit Mission Inn, but with Aaron driving and a little convincing we were off!

Mission Inn is exactly how Aaron described it – “Santa’s Village meets EDC”. Although I have never been to any of the two, most of you get the point. It was crazy full of Christmas lights and Christmas cheer that you thought everyone was on drugs. My sort of place! (Not the drugs part) I first wanted to see the actual Inn, but the line was way too long. Surprisingly enough, Aaron was willing to wait (should've been my second clue). We then proceeded to get in line for the ice – skating rink. Once again, the line was way too long and yes, I was wearing khaki pants. If I fell, which would be a pretty good possibility seeing how crowded it was there, I would have had a huge wet spot in my you know what.  Thank goodness Aaron had that terrifying thought of his finger being sliced off because most likely I would’ve been the one who did it!

We then proceeded to a horse carriage ride and to my delight Aaron wanted to ride it! They told us that we would have to share with other people, but Aaron threw down extra money, like a boss, so we can have our own. (Clue #3 Because we all know who’s really the Boss right? Tony Danza.) As we waited in line, Aaron decided to be such a sweet and thoughtful man and run to find some hot chocolate. What seemed like hours later, he arrived – with scalding hot chocolate and NO lids.

We were only a few minutes away from the front of the line and I knew we had to board the carriage carrying the uncovered cup of hot cocoa. I slowly and reluctantly sipped it down to half a cup by the time it was our turn. As we got ourselves situated, I notice Aaron chugging his down while at the same time cringing at how scorching hot it still was. He finally gave up and decided to pour the rest into my cup while burning me as well! He didn't apologize. Nope… he just proceeded to sit back and relax as I annoyingly attempted to balance my now overflowed cup.

The ride was beautiful and the lights were twinkling. It was a romantic moment indeed, but I couldn't help but notice how fidgety Aaron was. He kept getting up or changing seats and at one point even asked the driver if the ride was almost over! At that point, I wanted to just push him off the ride alongside with the cup of cocoa. Instead, my reaction was like any woman – give him the snake eyes that would make him wish this ride didn’t end.  As we were nearing our stop, he proceeded to ask me if I could do this for the rest of my life. I stared at him and thought “Is this guy joking?” After the vague look he received, he slinked off his chair and began to kneel.  I snapped “Get up! Dude, the driver already said not to get out of your seat!” Aaron didn't care at that point – he was a man on a mission.  He pulled out his beanie and brought out a shiny little box. Like the little heffer that I am, my first thought was “oooh CANDY!”, but it was better… much better – a beautiful DIAMOND ring!!  

Aaron completely surprised me! The little things that led up to that moment were so miniscule and unimportant in comparison to what my life will be.  I am so lucky to be able to spend an eternity with a man that would go above and beyond just to see a smile on my face.  If this engagement is a smidget of what my life would be then I say… Bring it on Eagle Powers!


Wedding Ceremony, Reception and Lodging Accomodations

Both the Ceremony & Reception will be held at the Sportsmen's Lodge in Studio City, CA.


Address: 12833 Ventura Boulevard Studio City, CA 91604

Ceremony Time: 5:30PM

Reception Time: 7:45PM


For guests staying at the hotel, parking will be provided by the hotel. Please enter through the VENTURA BLVD. entrance. 

For guests not staying at the hotel, self-parking will be available. Please enter through the COLDWATER CANYON entrance.


Local Accommodations: 

Sportsmen's Lodge Hotel
12825 Ventura Boulevard
Studio City, CA 91604                                                                                                        

(818) 769-4700

Beverly Garland Holiday Inn

4222 Vineland Ave 

North Hollywood, CA 91602

Hilton Universal City

555 Universal Hollywood Drive

Universal City, California, 91608