Rachel & Joseph | Homecoming 2011

All I have to say about this little couple is, Whoa! That's what I said when I saw my little sister all grown'd up in high heels and her gorgeous homecoming dress. I have a total of four sisters, count 'em 1,2,3,4... but each time I catch a glimpse of them taking those steps towards adulthood, it's hard to accept it until they're standing right in front of you in their element of beautiful womanhood.

Then to see her date for the evening dressed handsomely in his suit accented by his matching pink tie. He was nervously excited, emphasis on the "nervous"! But he was such a gentleman. When I asked him to put his arm around my sister his hand was cold with anxiousness. Right then I knew he wasn't going to try anything fresh, if you know what I mean!

The theme for the evening was titled "Masquerade" and they were excited to put their masks on for me. As her older brother, I hesitantly approved of them going out and having fun and we proceeded to take in a few moments before the party started. Check 'em out!

Florals courtesy of Diane Jordan, Elegant Touches of Di









And of course the beautiful mothers that raised these two beautiful teenagers