Ernesto & Jishiel at Union Station | Los Angeles, CA


Have you ever felt what love feels like? I'm sure you're like "Wha...?? Where is this coming from Chris??"

I know what love feels like, but what I really wanted to ask was, have you ever felt what love feels like when there is so much between a couple that it oozes onto you??!! Yes, that's how much Ernesto and Jishiel love each other.

What made their love even more evident was this wasn't for any special reason other than to have some fun at Union Station in Downtown LA on a very rainy Sunday afternoon.

I can tell by the sparkle in Jishiel's eye and the peace of mind in Ernesto's body language, that these two are a solid match for each other. Stay strong guys and let me know if there is any news coming down the pike (hint, hint!).

Enjoy your Tuesday and for the sake of these two make sure you kiss your loved ones!