Downtown Los Angeles

Griffith Park Observatory Surprise Proposal | Nafisa and Mo

Mo called me a few months ago and asked if we had availability sometime in February. I quickly asked him if he was ready because I knew he was dating and was pretty serious about Nafisa. He told me he was more than ready and couldn't wait to start planning his proposal to her. 

After our planning session, we scouted a few locations and settled on Griffith Observatory overlooking Downtown Los Angeles and I couldn't have been more happy for him. I've known Mo for a number of years and to see him grow from a car-enthusiast, career-driven bachelor to a soon-to-be-married man is pretty awesome. 

Once we were all at Griffith Observatory, I gave him our pre-planned hand signals and we let the events unfold. 

As a few words dribbled out of Mo's mouth, Nafisa absolutely lost it! Nothing gets by her and for Mo to be able to pull off getting the ring, planning the proposal and coaxing her to come on a fake double date was absolutely incredible. 

Nafisa had no idea it was coming and she couldn't believe what was happening. After her consistent laughter and overwhelmed emotions, a crowd starting to form, they pulled out their cell phones and started recording and taking photos and gave a huge Congratulatory cheer as she said, "Yes!" to Mo's marriage proposal. 

They're perfect for each other and we can't be more excited to be a part of their upcoming wedding. 

I hope you enjoy these images as much as we did being a part of it! And make sure to give them some love in the comments below!

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Angel's Flight and Downtown Los Angeles Engagement | Monica and Jhanisus

I have to say, this year has been pretty amazing already and we couldn't have asked to be able to have more awesome clients as Monica and Jhanisus. They're so down to earth and as we started to plan for their engagement session, we knew we were going to have a blast. They chose to tame the tough streets of Downtown LA and incorporate their casual engagement session around the areas they were looking forward to the most.

We started in the Art District to get some of those cool vibes then made our way to the 1st Street Bridge. We had a quick change into their second look and they continued to rock it out around the Angel's Flight area. To finish off the evening, Jhanisus took us to a little spot where he really wanted to take some night shots with the Financial District as the backdrop.

No matter where we went, they both brought their 'A' game when it comes to styling and because they complimented each other, they definitely rocked it for the whole time. 

Although they told me they were a bit anxious before we started our Downtown LA tour, I couldn't tell at all and they seemed like absolute naturals in front of the camera. 

We can't wait for their upcoming wedding and if their engagement session is any indicator of what's to come, we know they're going to knock it out of the park!

So many blessings to you guys and we're looking forward to what's in store for you guys!


Los Angeles Arts District Engagement Session | Danielle and Michael

Los Angeles Skyline + Love + 6th Street Bridge + Excitement + Metro Train + Anxiety = One Awesome Engagement Session!

Danielle and Michael chose to have their engagement session in Downtown Los Angeles and it was flawless. We encourage couples to choose their engagement session location in places they enjoy. Places they are comfortable with. Places that define them. 

They asked to rock their session out in the Arts District in Los Angeles and we took them to one of the iconic spots to make sure we could capture as many elements of Los Angeles in their images. They told me they had never taken professional images and were pretty anxious. As the day went on, I realized they lied to me. They were not anxious at all!

If I can be biased at all, they were so comfortable and knocked their engagement out of the park!! Besides the 6th Street Bridge, we found some nooks and crannies to use throughout the Arts District and we couldn't have been more excited for them!

They're getting married in a few weeks, so if this was their engagement session, I can only wait for their wedding!

Congratulations to you guys and we can't wait to rock out your wedding!


In case you didn't know, this building serves as the backdrop for scenes for "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia". 

For some reason, we absolutely love photographing with this building as a backdrop. We love the texture and different layers that this provides for our images. Apparently, so do Danielle and Michael! :)

Jishiel and Ernesto in Downtown Los Angeles | Engagement Session Photography

Hey there ladies and gents!  We are so excited Jishiel and Ernesto are getting maaarrried!  Yep, they're tying the knot & we are super happy for them!

 We trekked through the big city of Downtown Los Angeles this past Saturday and got some beautiful shots of them.  We look forward to their beautiful Lake Arrowhead wedding this November.  We've been blessed to have not only met these two love birds, but to have seen their relationship bloom into such a wonderful union, almost from day one.  

You may have seen Ernesto in some of our other photo shoots with the Grunion Run, however, this is one is a bit different as we are featuring the love that they share for one another.   

We can't wait until their big day, but for now feel free leave them some love in the comments!! 

**As always, click on any image to view the full size!** 

The Grunion Run Groomsmen Shop | Downtown Los Angeles

We know grooms and groomsmen may not want to admit it, but dudes want to make sure they look as good as they can, just like brides and bridesmaids care about what they're wearing on their wedding day. I know I'm always looking for something fresh to make me look good, yet stand out just enough to be distinct. That's exactly what we've found with Yun & Kevin's fashion brain-child: The Grunion Run Groomsmen Shop.
Not only can you look good on your wedding day, but you can wear their stuff after the wedding as well so you stay fashionably awesome! 

Recently we teamed up with The Grunion Run to shoot their 2013 fashion line in Downtown Los Angeles. This Southern Cali based, husband and wife fashion duo are going to be a force to be reckoned with as they are on the tips of everyone's tongue. Check out their feature on Style Me Pretty

Also, between now and June 3, 2013 they are giving away five (5) ties or bowties to one lucky winner. Click >here< for the details! 

Good luck if you enter and even if you don't win, make sure to pick up a bow tie or two and add it to your fashion repertoire. And in case you're wondering, Yun pre-tied the bow ties for you so you don't have to struggle to look good. 

Stay fresh.