Jishiel and Ernesto in Downtown Los Angeles | Engagement Session Photography

Hey there ladies and gents!  We are so excited Jishiel and Ernesto are getting maaarrried!  Yep, they're tying the knot & we are super happy for them!

 We trekked through the big city of Downtown Los Angeles this past Saturday and got some beautiful shots of them.  We look forward to their beautiful Lake Arrowhead wedding this November.  We've been blessed to have not only met these two love birds, but to have seen their relationship bloom into such a wonderful union, almost from day one.  

You may have seen Ernesto in some of our other photo shoots with the Grunion Run, however, this is one is a bit different as we are featuring the love that they share for one another.   

We can't wait until their big day, but for now feel free leave them some love in the comments!! 

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