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Los Angeles Arts District Engagement Session | Danielle and Michael

Los Angeles Skyline + Love + 6th Street Bridge + Excitement + Metro Train + Anxiety = One Awesome Engagement Session!

Danielle and Michael chose to have their engagement session in Downtown Los Angeles and it was flawless. We encourage couples to choose their engagement session location in places they enjoy. Places they are comfortable with. Places that define them. 

They asked to rock their session out in the Arts District in Los Angeles and we took them to one of the iconic spots to make sure we could capture as many elements of Los Angeles in their images. They told me they had never taken professional images and were pretty anxious. As the day went on, I realized they lied to me. They were not anxious at all!

If I can be biased at all, they were so comfortable and knocked their engagement out of the park!! Besides the 6th Street Bridge, we found some nooks and crannies to use throughout the Arts District and we couldn't have been more excited for them!

They're getting married in a few weeks, so if this was their engagement session, I can only wait for their wedding!

Congratulations to you guys and we can't wait to rock out your wedding!


In case you didn't know, this building serves as the backdrop for scenes for "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia". 

For some reason, we absolutely love photographing with this building as a backdrop. We love the texture and different layers that this provides for our images. Apparently, so do Danielle and Michael! :)

Downtown Los Angeles Engagement Session | Marina and Jervae

Marina and Jervae had so much fun in Downtown Los Angeles for their engagement session. They were so comfortable and relaxed in front of the camera they were up for a few things Gina and I suggested as we went about the day. 

We started off near MOCA in Los Angeles, had some fun near the water installations then made our way towards the historic Bradbury Building. Although we had limited availability to the building, Marina and Jervae really worked their modeling skills!

Jervae wanted to work in his speedbike into the session and we couldn't be happier to make sure it happened. Marina hopped on the back and the chemistry between them definitely shined through. 

We had a very unique spot in Los Angeles to view the Downtown Skyline from afar and because we love the big city, we had to make sure we included them against it. 

If their engagement session is a precursor to their wedding, we know it's going to be a beautiful day to look forward to. 

We're so excited for them and we can't wait for their wedding at Malibu West Beach Club later this year. 

Make sure to leave them some love in the comments below, and if you know of anyone who is engaged, feel free to share our new phone app with them: Chris Holt Photography App



Pasadena City Hall Engagement Session | Michelle and Daniel

Pasadena City Hall lends itself to a beautiful backdrop for engagement sessions and Michelle and Daniel's relaxed session did not disappoint. We started on the second level of the building and moved towards the front as they got more and more comfortable in front of the camera. You can definitely feel the love between them and it certainly shows in their images. 

Although we can't share too many details of their wedding yet, we do know their wedding is going to be intimate and gorgeous, just like them. We're so grateful to be able to be at the beginning of their lives. We are privileged, or should I say, honored to be able document their wedding later this year at Surf and Sand Resort in Laguna Beach. 

Enjoy these images, friends!


Whittier College Engagement Photography | Connie and Nick

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We were so excited when we found out that Connie and Nick were making a trip to Los Angeles to finalize their wedding plans for June, which also meant a little time together to catch up and see one another.  You see, although both Nick & Connie are from LA, they currently reside in Texas as Nick is currently on active duty for the United States Army.  It was only a few months ago that Nick had returned from his tour in Afganistan, needless to say we are thankful for Nick as well as the many other men and women who have served our country.  It was only coincidence that our time together fell on Memorial Day weekend, although such a perfect fit.  

We had such an amazing and fun time with these two on the beautiful campus of Whittier College.  More than just a great location, this was actually where these two lovebirds met.  If you have had the opportunity to meet Connie or Nick, you will vouch for us as we say they are absolutely perfect for one another.  Without either of them knowing, watching Connie melt in Nick's arms as he tenderly holds her close, and the smile on Nicks face as he takes a moment to glance in Connie's direction when they are apart was so beautiful to be a part of.

Connie & Nick, we are so grateful to not only call you friends but to be part of such amazing times in your lives, and are so excited to be celebrating your wedding day with you and your amazing family.  Thanks for making us feel like part of your family and we'll see you in a few weeks!

Lake Arrowhead Wedding Photography | Jishiel and Ernesto

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Last Fall, we had the pleasure of going to Lake Arrowhead Resort as Jishiel and Ernesto got married in the quiet mountains overlooking the beautiful lake. It was a brisk day, but the love they have for each other and their families provided the warmth and happiness throughout the whole day. 

We've been able to see the love between Jishiel and Ernesto grow as we've known them for a few years now and it's so exciting to see them from their engagement session to their wedding day. We're excited to see them continue to grow with each other as they embark on their marriage journey together!

Be sure to Congratulate them and show them some love in the comments below!