Hollywood Hills Surprise Proposal | Melissa and Lawrence

This past Monday, I got a phone call from Lawrence and he let me know that he was going to surprise his girlfriend by proposing to marry her. I was excited for him and I jumped at the honor and opportunity to photograph such a huge step in his and Melissa's lives!

He specifically chose the Hollywood Bowl Overlook in the Hollywood Hills to propose. As a lover of the big city, Los Angeles to be exact, I don't think he could have found a better place. 

It was so surreal to be a part of and unfold in front of my eyes!

As part of Lawrence's proposal, I also recorded my first Periscope broadcast and I have to say it was so awesome to have the raw iPhone footage to document and watch over and over again! It may no longer be on Periscope, so here is the uncut footage as it went down: Melissa + Lawrence Periscope Proposal

Congratulations again to Melissa and Lawrence and here's to the rest of your lives!