Surprise Proposal in Los Olivos, CA | Sean and Gianna

Stolpman Vineyard PROPOSAL.jpg

When Sean called us to let us know he was planning to propose to his girlfriend, Gianna we couldn't be more excited to hear about his idea! When we showed him a few locations, he was so excited he wanted to go up and scout the area out. 

His general plan was to propose at a location that was pretty private as him and his girlfriend are pretty low key. Then we were planning on going into town in Los Olivos where the rest of their friends and family were waiting to celebrate the news!

After securing the location for him, we headed up and stealthily waited for him and Gianna to arrive. Usually I like to "hide" so I don't spoil the surprise, but I stepped out of my hiding spot and Gianna actually saw me! I was freaking out as I thought I ruined it for Sean! But she thought I worked at the vineyard and it didn't phase her that someone else was there! Whew!

When the time came, Sean did his part and the rest is history! As you can tell, Gianna was pretty excited and after taking some portraits around the area, we told them we were leaving and would be in touch. Since Gianna didn't know the rest of their families were waiting for them, she had no clue we actually left to go to the second winery to photograph the second surprise with their family! 

We couldn't be happier for them as their friends and family were so excited for them as emotions were running high both before and after the surprise! 

We're so excited to show you a few photos and we encourage you to show them some love in the comments below!


Sean + Gianna's Slideshow

El Matador State Beach Surprise Proposal | Katelyn and Andrew

It's always a surprise when we get an inquiry for a proposal and we absolutely love doing them. We don't always promote them, but we love them for the authentic emotions each one brings. 

When Andrew called us and let his know his plan, we couldn't happier for him and his soon-to-be fiance, Katelyn. They were actually visiting from the New York area and since they were out in Malibu Andrew wanted to pop the question in one of the most beautiful places in Southern California. We couldn't blame him and we absolutely loved his ideas. 

As a photographer, it's always hard to know when the question will be asked. We know how nervous the guy usually is and we're so anxious to see their reaction so we're patiently hiding and to be honest it feels a bit "stalker-ish". I mean we're running around, hiding behind rocks, bushes, etc trying not to blow our cover, yet be ready for "that moment". 

When Andrew texted me that they arrived, we waited for them to come down to the beach and since Katelyn had no idea who we were we still wanted to keep a safe distance so we didn't blow Andrew's plans. 

After about what felt like 20 minutes of running around the beach, quietly following them from a reasonable distance, we say Andrew get down on one knee and Katelyn's emotions broke through. She was so ecstatic and we couldn't be more happier for them! 

Andrew definitely knew how much his girl loves the beach and he picked the perfect spot to propose. We were so glad to be a part of their story so far and here are a few images to show how it went down. Simple, yet perfect. 

Have a wonderful day and enjoy their surprise proposal!

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LA Live Surprise Proposal | Rachel and Aaron

It was a chilly yet bearable night at LA Live in Downtown Los Angeles. Christmas was a few days away and everybody was enjoying the holiday season as the Christmas lights, ice rink and infectious smiles were the centerpiece of the evening.

Although we knew what was going to happen, we were still on edge as we watched Rachel and Aaron go around and around the ice rink. Aaron was going to "act" like he fell and then pull out the ring and propose to Rachel on the ice. I have to say, Aaron is not the most talented ice skater and every time they went around, it looked like he was going to fall! Haha!

We were on pins and needles as we anticipated the proposal and then we saw him fall. And for a few seconds he didn't get up. And he looked hurt. So we weren't sure if it was "The Fall" or if we needed to call the medics. 

Then as the crowd on the ice started to build around him, he reached into his pocket and miraculously balanced himself on one knee. And Rachel couldn't stop smiling. She thought it was just them two on the ice then as Aaron pointed to us looking over the rails and cheering them on, she couldn't believe we were there the whole time! 

The happiness and excitement for what lies ahead was evident in everyone's faces and we can't be more excited for these two!

Check out Aaron's surprise proposal and give them your blessings!


Hollywood Hills Surprise Proposal | Melissa and Lawrence

This past Monday, I got a phone call from Lawrence and he let me know that he was going to surprise his girlfriend by proposing to marry her. I was excited for him and I jumped at the honor and opportunity to photograph such a huge step in his and Melissa's lives!

He specifically chose the Hollywood Bowl Overlook in the Hollywood Hills to propose. As a lover of the big city, Los Angeles to be exact, I don't think he could have found a better place. 

It was so surreal to be a part of and unfold in front of my eyes!

As part of Lawrence's proposal, I also recorded my first Periscope broadcast and I have to say it was so awesome to have the raw iPhone footage to document and watch over and over again! It may no longer be on Periscope, so here is the uncut footage as it went down: Melissa + Lawrence Periscope Proposal

Congratulations again to Melissa and Lawrence and here's to the rest of your lives!