El Matador State Beach Surprise Proposal | Katelyn and Andrew

It's always a surprise when we get an inquiry for a proposal and we absolutely love doing them. We don't always promote them, but we love them for the authentic emotions each one brings. 

When Andrew called us and let his know his plan, we couldn't happier for him and his soon-to-be fiance, Katelyn. They were actually visiting from the New York area and since they were out in Malibu Andrew wanted to pop the question in one of the most beautiful places in Southern California. We couldn't blame him and we absolutely loved his ideas. 

As a photographer, it's always hard to know when the question will be asked. We know how nervous the guy usually is and we're so anxious to see their reaction so we're patiently hiding and to be honest it feels a bit "stalker-ish". I mean we're running around, hiding behind rocks, bushes, etc trying not to blow our cover, yet be ready for "that moment". 

When Andrew texted me that they arrived, we waited for them to come down to the beach and since Katelyn had no idea who we were we still wanted to keep a safe distance so we didn't blow Andrew's plans. 

After about what felt like 20 minutes of running around the beach, quietly following them from a reasonable distance, we say Andrew get down on one knee and Katelyn's emotions broke through. She was so ecstatic and we couldn't be more happier for them! 

Andrew definitely knew how much his girl loves the beach and he picked the perfect spot to propose. We were so glad to be a part of their story so far and here are a few images to show how it went down. Simple, yet perfect. 

Have a wonderful day and enjoy their surprise proposal!

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proposal, el matador, engagement, malibu, los angeles, surprise, beach, sunset, southern california, destination, wedding, photographers near me, santa barbara, new york, new jersey


Engagement at Carbon Canyon Regional Park | Rachel and Aaron


If you missed Aaron's surprise proposal at LA Live in Downtown Los Angeles he got one knee on the ice. Once we photographed their engagement session, it was pure fire. 

The love the have for each other is so evident and we're so excited to have front row seats to watch their lives blossom together. On a personal level, Rachel is my third sister and as she becomes the beautiful young woman she is, And as far as we can tell, Aaron definitely brings out the best in her. 

They both have a promising road ahead of them and we're so excited to see them get married in a few months. As a lover of travel and living a bohemian life, they're going to do things their way and we can't wait to see what they will incorporate for their wedding day.

Enjoy these images from their session and make sure to send them your blessings!


Pasadena Engagement Session at Arlington Garden | Hazel + Vaughn


We're so excited to feature Hazel and Vaughn's engagement session at Arlington Garden in Pasadena. The timing couldn't be more perfect as they wanted a romantic, garden location and wanted it right before Valentine's Day!

Just like the majority of our couple's nervously warn us, Hazel and Vaughn let us know they don't get in front of the camera frequently and were pretty nervous. I had a feeling they were lying to me because they absolutely rocked it! Right??!! 

We couldn't be happier for them and we're so excited for their Calamigos Equestrian Wedding later on this year. 

Check out a few of their engagement session highlights and make sure to wish them many blessings on their wedding!


I hope you enjoyed these as much as we did photographing them! If you, or you know a friend or two who is planning on getting married and you want us to meet them, feel free to share this post with them. Or simply fill out the form below and we'll be in contact with them. 

You absolutely rock!!

Downtown Fullerton Engagement Session | Ioanna and Dimitri


From the first time Gina and I met Ioanna and Dimitri we knew they were going to be so much fun. When we took them out for their engagement session to Fullerton Arboretum and the Downtown Fullerton area, we had no idea how much positive energy they were going to bring and all I have to say is, THEY ABSOLUTELY BROUGHT IT!! Haha!

Since they came to the United States from Greece and have established themselves in Orange County, they wanted to use the areas around Fullerton as their backdrop for their engagement session. As a graduate from Cal State Fullerton (class of 2003, baby! Go Titans! Haha!) I knew the exact locations to use and because Ioanna and Dimitri had enough energy for days, our session actually lasted a few hours. 

With their wedding coming up in a few weeks, we know it's going to be intimate, fun and surrounded by the people they absolutely love and cherish. We're so excited to see these two get married and we can't wait to see it unfold!

Many Congratulations, guys and we'll see you in a few weeks.


Balboa Fun Zone Engagement Session | Christine and Karvin

We had the privilege of hanging out with Christine and Karvin for their engagement session in Newport Beach at Balboa Fun Zone and they absolutely rocked it all day!

They told me they don't take pictures and they were so nervous, but I think they lied to me! Why do our clients lie so much?! Haha! 

We're so happy to see these two together and get ready to be married in a few months. We can tell how much they love each other and we hope you can as well through these images. 

Enjoy a few images from their engagement session and make sure to give them your best wishes!